Your Personal Genetic Scan (PG Scan) gives you the ability to understand how your genes may affect your health today as well as in the future.

Your PG Scan provides genetic insights from almost 1.9 million DNA markers (roughly 3X more than other companies) spread throughout your chromosomes. This genome wide scan includes markers that are associated with known medical genetic and human health variation markers like those for:

  • Single Gene Diseases
  • Inherited Diseases
  • Rare Genetic Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Complex Diseases
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Personal Traits
  • Wellness Markers
  • Drug Metabolism
  • Much more...

Your PG Scan Report

Is confidential and will include markers that are informative, useful, and educational with key links to additional next level information. This will include clinical information as well as the scientific publications that were used to validate the data.

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Reports are confidential and data is never sold to third parties. As an added safeguard, a name is not required with sample submission

GenoTypica computer download

You can also download your raw data including ancestry related markers in CSV format that may be useable on a variety of other genome analysis applications.

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The PG Scan is not intended for diagnostic purposes or determination of disease, but only as a starting point for learning about your genetics. If you have questions about your results, please contact your physician or genetic counselor.

BioBanking A Sample

Your DNA sample can be stored in our BioBank for free with purchase of a PG Scan kit. This may provide important benefits such as health monitoring, future therapy applications, or traceability and identification

But don't just listen to us... See what our customers have to say:

I received my report, and it was an incredible amount of information. Some things I knew about and some I had never heard of. Andy D., Lincoln NE
Being able to access the RAW data for no additional fee is a great benefit. Plus GenoTypica won't sell your data like other companies. Adam K., Lincoln NE

Order Process

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