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Meat Adulterants

As a consumer, you cannot completely rely on the label while purchasing processed meat, particularly if you have dietary restrictions. You might have restrictions due to religious beliefs, or you might have specific allergies, or you may be on a medically restricted diet. Intentional mislabeling or unintentional contamination of meat products like ground meat, sausages etc. can happen during processing. To guarantee consumer protection, a certification process documenting a clean supply chain as seen with some Halal and Kosher designations will be valuable.

Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Mixed Food ground together. What is in my meat

GenoTypica has developed a method wherein up to 1% of an adulterant can be identified even in finely ground meat that is raw or cooked. Whether it is chicken, pork, beef, rabbit or turkey, we can identify any one of them in any mixed batch of meat. For example, if ground beef is contaminated with a small amount of pork (1% of the total), then we can easily detect the pork.

If the adulterant of interest is not mentioned here, please let us know and we can develop a test that will identify the meat of interest.

Ongoing Test Development

Detection of 1% or less of A1 beta casein in A2 milk, detection of 1% or less of lamb, goat and horse meat in ground beef.