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For Veterinarians

GenoTypica Vet with Dog Doing an examGenoTypica's primary focus is on working with veterinarians to determine the best strategy for their needs and provide solutions that create additional revenue streams for every practice. We believe that the veterinarian is the primary care provider for animals whether they are companion animals, production animals or research animals.

Our goal is to give the veterinary clinic an option to be a testing service provider or a collection center for samples which are forwarded to GenoTypica for testing. We prefer that the Veterinary clinic is the testing facility also as you can provide results faster and more efficiently allowing quicker treatment options. Whatever the case may be, we believe that this is an opportunity for the clinic to be in the forefront of diagnostics and treatment.

How Does Testing at Your Clinic Work?

You can offer all the tests that GenoTypica offers to your clients. Instead of sending the samples to GenoTypica, you will provide the test at the clinic. Most, if not all of them are very easy to run. If a test is not available, you can tell us what you will need for your practice and we can develop the test very quickly for you. You can purchase the test kits from GenoTypica as well as have a testing device on site.GenoTypica Vet with Horse Doing an exam

The device that you could use at the clinic (point of care) include the hand-held real-time PCR machine that you can walk around with and provide tests on-site or at the clinic. If the number of samples go up as your business does well with testing, you can buy more hand-held machines or opt for the Solas 8 device which can run eight samples at a time. Note that the hand-held machine will run one test at a time. For additional information, please call or email us. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss how you can increase your revenue and profits.