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Farm to Fork Solutions

Farm To Fork GenoTypica Dinner with Family at the tableAs part of GenoTypica's food traceability and purity business solutions, we offer several ways for you to make sure that the food products you proudly produce and provide to the general public is fully traceable, is free of adulterants and is also safe from pathogens. The product that you offer could be a cut of meat or a packed pre-made salad. Whatever it is, any food item can be monitored for bacterial contamination and some food products (like meat) can be traced to the farm of origin. This could be true for any animal or bird that has a sample stored from it at GenoTypica.

Our main aim is to work with the farms or small processing facilities directly so that the farm/producer can charge a premium for traceable and bacteria tested products. We also are open to working with large retailers who might think of implementing a traceability program. We believe that the most efficient system starts at the farm level and if retailers can be integrated into the system, there will be simple ways in which any food can be traced if and when needed.

Meat Traceability Model

Farm To Fork Solution for meat traceability and sustainability benefits For tracing animals like pigs, cattle (dairy or beef), bison, deer, sheep and goats, all you have to do is to collect an ear tag sample and send it to GenoTypica. Tags with any integrated sample collection unit will be fine like the Allflex Tissue sampling unit (TSUs). Once the tags arrive at GenoTypica, we will store it in our facility. With the identity of the animal (animal ID as well as premise ID), there is adequate information available to trace the animal if a few other standard pieces of information (already collected in most cases) is available. The banked sample is good for many years. The storage of the sample can be for 3 to 5 years depending on your needs. We do not require collecting blood or a piece of meat from any slaughtered animal. The sample is collected at the farm while the animal is at the farm and the information is linked back to the farm. While the sample is at GenoTypica, any genetic test that is needed can be run as well.

If any piece of meat from any of these sampled and banked animals are implicated in any situation, a sample from the suspect food item can be compared to a sample that is banked. With adequate informatics and AI enabled verification systems, it will be easy to trace the animal to the right farm via all its routes before it made it to the customer whether in a restaurant or from the supermarket. This ensures food safety by enabling food traceability that is simple, easy and affordable. Your cost is just the cost of the sample collection kit. Storage of the sample is free for 3 years and any traceability effort is your only cost if such traceability is required. Call or Email us for additional information and to see how a custom solution can be provided for you.