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Companion Animal Testing

Grey kitten sitting with no backgroundWe see tremendous opportunities in providing diagnostic solutions for the identification of pathogens as well as genetic conditions affecting dogs, cats, rabbits, and other species such as fish.

GenoTypica offers custom solutions or off-the-shelf solutions for all your pathogen detection as well as trait and genetic disease detection needs. If there is a test that you consider important and do not see on our list, feel free to contact us and ask about it. In most cases, we should be able to work with you and develop the needed testing within a few weeks. Call us or email us with your specific request. The following tests are currently available:

Dog Tests:

FGF5 (long/short hair), IGF1R( dog size), mycoplasma, mycobacterium, leptospirosis, staphylococcal infection, actinomycosis.

Other Tests:

KDM6B (domestic vs wild rabbit), TP53 M214K (nerve sheath tumors in zebra fish).

Ongoing test development:

Polycystic kidney disease in cats (PKD1), Giardia duodenalis

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