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How we Help You

  1. GenoTypica becomes your service provider: Send your samples to us and we run the tests and provide results to you. Please contact us by email or call us at 402-858-7290 to discuss your testing needs.
  2. GenoTypica Provides Devices and kits: GenoTypica's testing platforms and our kits (real-time PCR or C-SAND for mutation detection) can be provided to you for running a variety of tests. If your test of interest is not available, let us know and we can develop it for you. Call us or email us with specific requests. We exclusively use the Solas 8 platform and the MYRTA, a hand-held real-time PCR machine developed by MatMaCorp.
  3. Integrate your test to GenoTypica's devices: If you have a test that is already developed, you may be able to run it on our testing platforms such as the MYRTA. This involves sending us your test kit and control DNA or sample for us to transfer your test to our platform, about 2 weeks typically. Any isothermal or PCR based amplification method can be transferred. Email customer service for additional information.
  4. Custom kit development: We can develop a kit for you to use on your testing platform or our testing platform. We will develop the test based on your specifications. Call us or email us to learn more.

What is unique about our methods?

GenoTypica can develop testing kits based on any type of detection technology whether isothermal or PCR based. Our standard (TaqMan probe based) real-time PCR detection kits are quantitative. We also have a method that can also identify viruses, bacteria and any species based on a SNP (or mutation) enabling detection of antibiotic resistance, allowing faster and effective treatment options for care providers focused on human patients or animals.